Door Fresh Brain Dispenser

Door Fresh Brain Dispenser

The Door Fresh provides air freshening throughout the restroom. Great-looking, lockable dispensers inside every stall to discretely freshen at the source for 30 days. The dispenser is activated each time the door is opened or closed.


  • Use the Brain at the entrance door and place 1 Drone in each stall at the odor source. The Brain's replacement system tells you when to replace both the Brain's and the Drone's air fresheners. Layered fragrances provide unparalleled performance for the restroom at low-cost
  • The unique design uses airflow created by the doors. The more the door moves, the more fragrance is released 
  • No batteries to change
  • Maintenance indicator
  • Lockable - keeps refill secure
  • Positioned by entry door
  • The Brain dispenser on the entryway door, tells you when to replace all the refills


  • Dimensions: 2 


    " W x 4 " H
  • Color: White
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