Janitor Start-Up Package


Are you new to the cleaning industry or an established business owner looking for an all-inclusive start-up package? Venture Supply is now offering a complete janitorial package that includes the standard equipment needed to do all basic cleaning. Save yourself some time and money by purchasing this package. Call to orders yours today!

Basic Kit Now Available for $595.00! 

($694.77 when purchased separately)


Deluxe Kit Now Available for $1,625.00! 

($1,862.69 when purchased separately)

  • Dustbane Targa 990 Vacuum w/ Hose, Double Curved Wand, Universal Floor Tool, pkg 10 bags
  • Janitors Cart w/ 25-Gallon Yellow Vinyl Bag 
  • Bucket and Wringer M2 Elephant Foot Downpress Combo, 40 qt
  • 3M Doodlebug (Incl. Orange Pad Holder, Threaded Handle, Wall Washer Pad, Black Pad and Eraser Pad)
  • 2 54" or 60" Snap N' Go Mop Handles
  • 2 White Cut End Mop Heads, Synray, 24 oz
  • 2 each of Green and Orange Super Looper Narrow Band Wet Mop Heads (Size Medium)
  • 2 Caution Wet Floor Signs
  • Titan 14" Angle Broom and Plastic Dustpan
  • 36" Tie on Dust Mop (Incl. Frame, Handle, and 2 Static-A Refills)
  • Toilet Mop and Caddy
  • 3M Microfiber Cloths (5 Green, 5 Red, 5 Blue)
  • Maids Caddy Tray w/ Handle 
  • 14" Golden Glove (Incl. T-bar Handle)
  • 14" Window Squeegee (Incl. Brass Handle and Channel w/ Rubber + 1 Refill)
  • ½

    " 24 cm Plastic Handle Scraper w/ Cover and 4" Blade
    w/ 10 Refills
  • Extended Handle Wooly Wonder Dust Wand
  • Large White Grout Brush
  • White Scrub Brush
  • Red Scrub Brush
  • Yellow Rubber Gloves (3 pr., asst. sizes)
  • Latex Disposable Gloves, 2 Boxes of 100 (Choice of Sm, Med or Lrg) 
  • 5 Jug Pumps
  • 5 Spray Bottles w/ Triggers
  • 5 Eradicator Sponges