Here at Venture Supply we have an extensive selection of machines available to rent.

We will create a quote for the rental items you want plus any services including delivery and pick-up.

We know that every job is unique and involves a number of different variables which is why we offer a free consultation to find the best machine and cleaning product for your need. We guarantee that your time and money will be well spent. 


Popular equipment available for rent includes (please call ahead):  

    17" Disk Brush Pads Floor Scrubber $110.00 + Cost of Pad/Day

    18" Roller Brush Floor Scrubber $130 + $12 Brush Wear/Day

    20" Disk Pad/Brush Floor Scrubber $149.99 + Cost of Pad/Day

    20" One Speed Swing Machine $54.99/Day + Cost of Pad/Day

    20" Floor/Scrubber/Polisher $64.99 + Cost of Pad/Day

    22" Roller Brush Floor Scrubber $164.99 + $12 Brush Wear/Day

    24" Disk Brushx2 or Pads $189.99 + $12 Brush Wear or Cost of Pad/Day

    Wet Vac 20L $34.99/Day

    Wet Vac 40L $49.99/Day

    Carpet Cleaner $67.99/Day

    Sweeper $80/Day

    Karcher B40 Classic $220 + $12 Brush Wear/Day

    Clarke BOS-18 12"x18" Orbital Floor Machine $99 +cost of pad/day

    We also offer a discount on soaps and pads with the rental of a machine

    Please contact us for more information and delivery rates