Karcher Scrubber BRS 40/1000 C


The BRS 40/1000 C combines the advantages of single-disc machines with those of roller brush units. It is equipped with two contra-rotating roller brushes and a handle that rotates up to 90 degrees on both sides and can be locked in position. In the normal position, the machine is swung to the right and left like a single-disc machine and achieves a high area performance. Locking the handle in the 90-degree position allows the operator to work in precise lanes, moving forward and backward as with a standard scrubber dryer for effective cleaning of large areas and precision cleaning close to walls and other fixed obstacles. Even heavily structured surfaces, such as studded rubber floors and non-slip tiles, present no problems. Its low-profile construction enables it to reach floor areas underneath radiators, cupboards and shelves. The smooth-running induction motor has a high power output of 1600 W. The motor bracket is made of solid aluminium and the base plate of stainless steel for durability. No tools are required for carbon brush replacement. Two sturdy rollers guarantee easy maneuverablity, and the fold-down handle enables the unit to be stored and transported easily.