Karcher SG3 C Bp gum remover


Over one billion dollars in gum is sold every year. Some of that gum is bound to end up stuck to your flooring and outdoor surfaces. Traditional methods of removing gum are time consuming at best and at worst they are ineffective. The SG3 C Bp gum remover safely and easily removes gum from hard and soft floors in a matter of seconds. Our unique technology quickly vaporizes gum through a combination of heat and our green, environmentally safe detergent. This means you can have a facility with no more unsightly black marks on your floors! Feel safe knowing that this model runs completely on its lithium-ion battery—no explosive or flammable products are used. Our canister-style design keeps all of the weight off of the operator’s shoulders, ensuring hours of ergonomic, strain-free operation. The SG3 C Bp is the machine to get you out of a sticky, gummy mess. Gum doesn’t stand a chance • Full cleaning temperature within 10 seconds from start-up • Removes gum in 4-6 seconds Ergonomics • Canister-style design eliminates back strain • Only 24 lbs. including battery is easy to tow around Real-world usability • Easy to transport through high-security areas due to lithium-ion power source. • Lithium-Ion battery technology for over 3 hours of uninterrupted run time. Batteries can be changed out for even longer run time • Quiet operation for daytime cleaning